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A Christmas Present just for you!

It’s that time of year again... Are you rushing around to find presents for every family member? Struggling to get your hands on the last Snow Glow Elsa on the shelf? Attempting to appear stress free to the outside world at this jolly time of year yet still waking up at 3am each night worrying about the financial burden this Christmas is going to put on your finances?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, many of us are in the same boat. Did you know that over 68,000 homes in Northern Ireland are currently in Negative Equity? Add to this the burden of unaffordable, unsecured debt and it would appear that behind the Christmas-wreath decked doors of communities across the province, overwhelming numbers of us are struggling financially.

Unfortunately, suppressing your problems and issues can only last for so long. It may seem wise to put your financial problems to the back of your mind over the festive season but there will come a time where you will need to address your financial problems. At GDP Equity Experts we do not believe in sticking your head in the sand and instead that you should be confronting your problems head on with the right plan, guidance and support.

We have decided that in an attempt to help frazzled borrowers enjoy the festive season without the fear of what bills the postman will deliver in January, GDP Equity Experts are offering free no-obligation consultations throughout the month of December to discuss your financial problems and hopefully relieve a little of the pressure on your shoulders.

If you haven’t already heard of GDP Equity Experts and what we aim to achieve, let me give you a little background... GDP Partnership was set up over four years ago with the key aim of helping distressed borrowers move on with their lives. We specialise in mediating with Banks on our clients' behalf to write-off debt when they have found themselves in Negative Equity.

For example, in one case we were able to get £168,000 of debt written off for a payment of just £3,650 when the Bank was owed a property shortfall of £172,000... this worked out as a return to the Bank of just 2.12p in the £. Now, obviously everybody’s situation is different but we have secured a vast range of debt write-offs for all sorts of people and situations across the province.

So whether you have one house in negative equity or 30, small business debt or multiple issues, kick start your 2015 by getting your financial affairs in order, give us a call on 02892 444 555 to avail of your free consultation throughout the month of December and walk away feeling a little bit more positive about what the New Year will bring.

Don’t delay and keep the January demons at bay....

Katie HallComment