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Fallen Out of Love with Your Home?

GDP were on the road at the weekend and attended one of Northern Ireland’s largest events, the Love Your Home Show. The event took place this year in the exciting new Titanic Exhibition Centre. Over the course of the weekend there were no shortage of attendees who were looking for advice, products, ideas and inspiration.

Whilst it probably goes without saying that no-one left their home that day to have a discussion about their Negative Equity at the event, those who were able to spare a few minutes with GDP got some real, honest, expert, advice.

The immediate feedback was brilliant as the people I spoke to did not know they had options available to them. The banks in particular, toward some of the people I spoke to, had been extremely unhelpful. In most cases they still did not provide the customer with necessary information. It is of vital importance that borrowers continue to become more financially aware.

So those who left the GDP exhibit with a bit of education around the important issue of Negative Equity no doubt had just found a whole new sense of empowerment. The important thing for me is, they now felt in control of their own lives again and no longer felt trapped in the home they had really, if truth be told, fallen out of love with.

Don’t get me wrong, GDP didn’t land to the Titanic Exhibition Centre to crash the weekend party and the event was a real success with over 120 exhibitors. In fact, despite a weekend of unprecedented sport for the Irish Rugby team, soccer both North and South of the border, the event also recorded their largest ever attendance.

GDP Partnership is proud to have been involved and was also proud of the fact we are the first debt advisory practice to exhibit. GDP teamed up with other professional trend setters at the event such as Erne Financial Solutions and Watters Property Sales, who were also the first ever Estate Agents to exhibit.

So whether you “Love Your Home” or “Don’t Love Your Home”, the important message we wanted people to take away from our exhibit at the event is that you should love your home.

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