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£50m Boost for Property Market

GDP Partnership launches Commercial Property Fund      

Northern Ireland’s property market received a serious boost today with the launch of a £50 million fund by leading finance and real estate specialists GDP Partnership.

The funds, which are available immediately, address the continuing difficulty that businesses in the sector are having finding funding for viable projects. The funds can be used for commercial property ventures across Northern Ireland.

GDP Partnership has built a reputation in the last few years for providing innovative solutions for clients through their practice specialities of bank mediation, restructuring, asset management, corporate finance and real estate advice.  We sourced and launched the fund in direct response to the very sobering fact that there is currently little to no finance available in the local market place.

This is a very important announcement for the local economy as a whole.  After six years of a recession and a standstill in terms of the property market, it’s a fantastic boost for the local economy that our team are now launching this new lending platform.

Confidence is returning slowly but surely to the Northern Ireland economy in the last few months, and while the property sector experienced one of the sharpest downturns, it is now finally starting to move forward again. As our banks continue to deleverage and clean up their own businesses, they have more or less cut off the funding supply to the local market for property based proposals. 

This £50 million fund should go some way to boosting the commercial property sector. We look forward to working with individuals and organisations who have a requirement for finance for viable deals.

At GDP, we specialise in solving problems and have been working tirelessly since 2011 to identify new finance platforms.

This is a significant opportunity for property owners, developers and their advisers and we want them to know that GDP Partnership is here to help in a tangible manner that will see them get their plans off the ground sooner rather than later.

The fund is supported by UK based investors who now see Northern Ireland as a place where they should invest their money.  That alone is a massive statement in terms of bringing confidence to the local market.


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