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GDP Partnership Sponsors Fermanagh Business Awards

Last Friday the 2014 Fermanagh Herald Business Awards were launched with leading members of the business community present. Amongst them was our very own Fermanagh man and Senior Relationship Manager, Darwin Allen.

GDP Partnership will be sponsoring this year’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an award which will go to one of the most entrepreneurial minds in the area, and be in recognition of the progress the winner has achieved in their young career to date. 

The practice has built a reputation in the last few years for providing innovative solutions for clients through our areas of expertise such as bank mediation, restructuring, asset management, corporate finance and real estate advice.

This is a great opportunity to recognise the young talent of the Fermanagh area. Many of the country’s most creative entrepreneurs and industries come from the district so it’s especially pleasing to get the opportunity to recognise some our young talented entrepreneurs.  At GDP, we encourage all of our staff to be creative, innovative and inquisitive and that’s exactly the type of skills and characteristics we will be looking for in this year’s short list of applicants.

The Award is for businessmen or women in the Fermanagh area who have demonstrated a visionary business leadership role. Applicants will be assessed on their business background, success and vision. 

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