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It's always good to talk...

Over 25 years ago an advertising campaign broke across the UK for BT, fronted by the actor Bob Hoskins, with the strap-line “It’s good to talk”.

Nostalgia aside, in the context of negative equity and debt in general, the sentiment remains as important today as ever before.

It is a natural human reaction to that which we consider as “bad news” and for many the default response is to completely ignore their plight, in the hope that it just goes away.

Regrettably nothing ever just “goes away” and in the world of property related debt, what is at first ignored will only eventually get worse.

At GDP Equity Experts we have worked with hundreds of clients since 2010, who have experienced serious emotional trauma as a result of their negative financial circumstances. Interpersonal relationships are strained and the impact on personal well being, emotionally and physically, is well documented.

If you are one of the 68,000 people in Northern Ireland who are directly affected by negative equity, or know someone who is, I’d like to suggest 3 simple but effective steps to help you refocus and get on the path to financial recovery.

1. Don't ignore your problems

This is a logic that we all should apply to everything we do but that doesn't always happen.

 A leak in a roof or a toothache, if ignored will be guaranteed to deliver an uncomfortable outcome but being in negative equity is different. In Northern Ireland there is a perceived stigma of “failure” attached to debt and more often than not we can be more distracted by what the neighbours think than what the banks think.

Regardless of what people might think, it is essential that you focus on fixing your problem, not ignoring it. If you are dealing with negative equity, the last thing you want to do is ignore it.

2. Get the right kind of professional help

Not everyone fully understands the complexities of property finance or indeed the options available when it comes to debt resolution.

Admittedly, the area of negative equity is complex and that's why GDP Equity Experts employ only experienced professionals who, through their skill, experience and professional qualifications, can do all the hard work for you.

What we have found over the last 5 years is that when people become fully aware not only of their plight, but also of the possible outcomes, then life becomes easier almost immediately. 

We know the impact being under financial duress has on your life – we see it every day. Divorce, stress, depression and physical illness are all by-products of negative equity. 

Get help. Now.

3. Talk to anyone

That someone doesn’t have to be us. Of course we would like it to be us, but we know that there are many different options for you to consider. It is important that you feel comfortable with the people who are working on your behalf. 

Check every option available to you. GDP Equity Experts has a very strong track record – last year we negotiated £18million debt write-off for our customers across Northern Ireland, changing the lives of many people, and we would relish the opportunity to talk to you.

For us, however the most important thing is that you talk to someone and the only sure thing is that if you don't talk about your debt issues with the right people, your situation is guaranteed to get worse.

It is always good to talk and at GDP Equity Experts, we guarantee you the highest professional standards, complete discretion and an unparalleled track record in mediation and debt resolution. When you talk, we listen and act on your behalf to deliver a positive outcome for you and your family.

Remember there are negative equity options – make sure you explore them all before committing to your future.

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