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"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest." - Benjamin Franklin

In a period of dramatic and rapid political, social and economic change it is amazing how some things just seem to never change.

Polling time draws closer in Ireland, on the UK referendum on the EU and for the race for the White House.

The outcome of all three elections will have a serious impact on all of our lives, but on matters of such importance it is incredible how little we really know about each race and their respective outcomes.

I am minded of a quote from business colleague, good friend, and “Rogue Trader”, Nick Leeson, who on numerous occasions in state of the nation discussions, goes back to the notion that “Education is nothing without understanding’

Last Sunday the front page of a leading Irish Business newspaper lead with the story that many are of the view that the American private equity companies who control large chunks of the islands real estate loans, are waiting to after the elections in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland before they move aggressively on the borrowers.

The huge challenge with this entire process is that there is a complete lack of knowledge and understanding around this entire process, which is creating a lot of uncertainly and causing many people across the country to have sleepless nights.

Count yourself lucky.

Recent TV debates and newspaper narratives present to us the different views of Cameron, Boris Johnston et al and their respective positions on our place within the EU, but what they are completely unable to do, is tell us exactly what the outcomes will be and more importantly set out clearly why we should remain or depart.

In the States Donald Trump is gathering up a head of steam in the race for the White House and most peoples view of him are based on perception without really understanding how he has become so successful over the last thirty years.

You can see there is a common thread here with a lack of understanding in general to many real and important issues facing society.

The fact is that unless we fully understand the implications and outcomes of any of the above, we must be disqualified from making any valid comment.

The ”News” is delivered as only a snapshot in time and no newspaper could devote the paper, nor website the bandwidth to fully present all the facts so that an individual can make an informed decision.

All hope is not lost and whilst it maybe said that a little information is dangerous, no information is certainly catastrophic.

Every day our team of consultants engages with some of the smartest white-collar business people in the North. Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agents - business owners from all corners, all burdened with property debt in search of a way out.

Despair and anxiety does not discriminate and our client base covers all demographics and all geographies.

What binds these people together is fear and ignorance – fear that they have no way out of their current financial predicament and an ignorance of the possibilities and the fact that there is an alternative to those formal insolvency processes.

Ultimately they are not to blame for a lack of insight given that for years the industry offered only formal insolvency options for debt relief.

GDP Equity Experts have a team of multi-skilled professionals who are capable of delivering relief not only from the fear that accompanies property debt but relief from debt itself.

For the first 7 weeks of 2016, we have already negotiated debt write-downs totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds, we are picking up new clients every day and have a burgeoning workload of ongoing cases.

Perhaps it's a reflection of our hard work here at GDP Equity Experts but I suspect it is more of an indication of the problems faced by thousands of people throughout Northern Ireland, day in day out.  

The headline in last Sunday's edition of The Sunday Business Post highlighted what lies ahead for further thousands of businesses and individuals across the island of Ireland.

If you have difficulty with negative equity or property debt, it is essential that you fully understand  ALL options available to you. 

GDP Equity Experts are in the prime position to educate you so that you fully understand. 

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