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GDP - In Conversation With Nick Leeson

The Nick Leeson story has been well documented, both in print and on screen and it is over 21 years since his unregulated trading in Singapore brought down Barings Bank with debts of over £830million.

His story is an interesting one and whilst his life has moved on, now remarried and living in the West of Ireland, one wonders if the same progress has been made in the financial sector.

It is a pleasure to introduce the latest episode of the GDP Podcast, “In conversation with Nick Leeson” where Nick talks about his time at Barings, the darkness of prison and surviving cancer.

He discusses with Conor Devine the current situation in the finance sector and makes some suggestions for those people who find themselves in debt today.

It is a fascinating insight into the man, his resilience and fortitude and a must listen if you have any interest in your own financial affairs.


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