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£114,604,911 - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake Me Up When September ends is a song by the American rock band Green Day. The dedications, the lyrics and the music video all depict the songs central theme of loss. If you are experiencing debt distress, I will know how some of you feel reading this Blog right now…like you have lost it all and there is no hope.

The reason I know this is because when our clients were searching for solutions to their debt problems they felt this way too. That is before they took the first step and lifted the phone to GDP Equity Experts. Basically what they found, in addition to getting some Real Honest Expert Advice from professionally qualified regulated debt advisors, is that all is not lost and there is hope.

Debt affordability is an extremely stressful matter and its impact has been felt all across the community. It has divided banks and borrowers but it has also divided borrowers and their families.

Debt has ruined families lives and there has been a lot of recent research in this area, particularly surrounding the impact it has had on children. It has been a contributing factor in recent relationship breakdowns and it has been a contributing factor to the cause and/or exacerbation of peoples mental and physical health problems. These are costs greater than anything that can be reflected in the balance sheets of the banks or the borrowers.

Debt comes in all shapes or sizes. Some of our clients come to us with business related debt, negative equity in their property, or unsecured credit card or loans. Sometimes the debt is £5,000 or sometimes it is over £5,000,000. The fact is, regardless of the shape or size of your debt, if it is unaffordable and unmanageable, it has the same detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing.

Where there is a problem, there is always a solution, and GDP Equity Experts are the market leaders in the solutions business. Today marks the end of September and in the last three months GDP Equity Experts have continued to change people’s lives and this has been a dream come through that we don’t really want to wake up from.

The numbers are overwhelming with £114,604,911 of debt write off for our clients. You can find a breakdown of these debt write off scenarios here. What is important to note however is this is not all about us but this is all about you. From GDP Equity Experts perspective, whilst it is important to know that we are helping borrowers write off debt with banks (for both parties benefit), counting the write offs is not as important as making the write offs count.

Dealing with a debt challenge is in everyone’s interest. Restructuring or writing off debt so that it is affordable for the borrower is the obvious one, but the banks have made their provisions on their distressed debt book and every £1 returned is another £1 available for fresh lending to help kick stat our current stagnant local economy.

Re-building broken relationships and re-building our local economy has been challenging - in much the same way everyone in life has their own personal challenges. If debt is your challenge, you already know that this will not disappear over another sleepless night. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - so I would encourage anyone to take that single step – talk to someone.

It costs you no money to speak with us but after speaking to us you will definitely receive some change. Our team of experts will change your understanding of your current debt problems and this education will empower you to decide if you want to change your life. If you want to re-take control of your debt and your life, call GDP Equity Experts on 028 92 444 555.

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