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This month we are delighted to report that after nine months of negotiations with creditors on behalf of one of our clients, we have been able to reach an agreement and deliver an arrangement  that has been accepted by all parties.

To give you some context, around twelve months ago, an elderly couple came into our office in Belfast in a distressed state as they had racked up a significant level of unsecured debt with credit card companies.  They were not working due to their age and therefore unable to keep up with the repayments for the loans.  Due to the fact they were missing payments they started to get inundated with letters and phone calls as the companies in question, obviously wanted to understand why their agreements were not being adhered to.  Whenever people find themselves in this position, the immediate outcome tends to have a very negative impact on peoples health and well being and this case was no different.  Our team immediately took on the case and made contact with all of the companies in question, to advise that our client were not in a position to make any more payments however would put forward a proposal that would be a full and final arrangement for their balances.  Thankfully in the instance and following a full financial review by our team, we were able to put forward a proposal that was accepted by all parties.  This was a fantastic result for our client and our team.

As inflation starts to develop an upward trend, and disposable income per household reduces, its crucial that all of us have a handle on our monthly incomes and outgoings.  If you find yourself In a similar position, where bills are getting out of control and you are feeling under financial duress why not contact our team today to discuss your options.  The first step in any recovery situation is to ask for help and thankfully over the last seven years we have been able to help hundreds of businesses and families move forward in relation to the financial hurdles they have faced.

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