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Market tumbles on interest rate speculation!


If you have been following the news recently, you would have seen quite a lot of turbulence in the market place, particularly in the equity markets. The traders are worried that Quantitative Easing is coming to an end, inflation is on the rise so interest rates must also rise.

What does that mean for you?
This market fall has been a reaction to the proposed rise in interest rates thereby impacting the growth in the USA and Europe. The fear of inflation returns to haunt all of the major European countries and it's likely now that the Central Banks will turn off quantitative easing which has been so beneficial this last number of years to help those in distress by keeping interest rates low. 

With the rise, money will be more difficult to obtain, mortgages will become unaffordable and for those that are in debt, matters will only get worse.

It is noticeable that in the last quarter of 2017 the number of insolvencies in the UK and Ireland again was on the rise. This is the 'tip of the iceberg' that is only now being uncovered as a consequence of not enough action by the governments to deal with horrendous debt burdens.

If you are in debt and you can foresee the oncoming problem then now is the time to act prior to the hike in interest rates. There are projected to be four interest rate increases by the end of 2018 so it is imperative that you ACT NOW. 

By ACTING NOW before the banks act against you then you will have an opportunity to escape your debt problems.

How can we help?
Since 2010, GDP Equity Experts has helped hundreds of families and BTL property investors deal with property debt related issues.  We are fully regulated by the FCA and have an incredible team who are here to help you today with any of the issues that might concern you with regards to this topic and other matters related to your debt position.

The clear trend over the last number of years is that those people who constantly review and have a very clear understanding of their monthly income levels and overall finances are better prepared and have much better outcomes when month to month costs increase for one reason or another.

GDP Equity Experts know what is expected and how to get you to where you want to go.  We WANT to hear from you today because we WANT to help you today.

If you would like to download a copy of our 7 step guide to our eBook, then please hit the button below.



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