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Couple Saves Over £42,000 From GDP Mediation!!

In April this year, we were approached by a couple who unfortunately had a crystallised mortgage shortfall debt from the sale of a previous property back in 2015. The mortgage shortfall debt was £52,086 and due to their financial circumstance, paying this back in full was simply not an option.

We knew from experience that the fact as this matter had not been resolved for over 4 years that we had to approach this with caution. Therefore, we arranged for them to come see us in our Belfast HQ and explained the mediation process step by step in order to put their minds at ease.

It was then our job to negotiate the best possible deal with the Bank for them. Fortunately, after engaging with the Bank, they accepted our proposal totalling £10,000 in full and final settlement. This was a great result for ourselves but more importantly our clients went away delighted that they could now get on with their lives.

Hopefully this case will act as an example to people that unfortunately debt does not simply go away. It is far better to deal with your problems today rather than sitting on them for years allowing relationships to break down and stress to build up. Give our team a call TODAY on 028 92 444 555 to arrange a meeting!

Creditor: UK Bank owed £52,086

Proposed Solution: Lump sum settlement £10,000

GDP Mediated Settlement: Creditor accepted £10,000 (equating to 19.2 in the £)

Settled: October 2019

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