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An on-going debt problem can always have a swift solution!


For the last eight years, GDP Equity Experts have met hundreds of people who have found themselves in large amounts of debt. A level of debt that they will unfortunately never be able to pay off in full and largely down to the property crash of almost ten years ago. 

It is quite incredible that there continues to be thousands of people from right across Ireland and the UK who have yet to deal with this issue. 

The banks have facilitated this problem and we must say exacerbated it. Quite often, a lot of these loans should never have been approved. In addition to this, over the last number of years their reluctance to work with borrowers and engage on their positions has meant the debt has drifted although not disappeared. The collateral damage in all of this to the borrower is sadly overwhelming.

So what options do I have?
There are only three options to resolve any debt problem. Two reside in the formal approach to dealing with this and one being the more informal approach. 

Since 2011, we have settled hundreds of cases using the informal approach to dealing with this matter in the form of Mediation. This method is now very effective and as long as your adviser has a track record in getting results, is regulated by the appropriate body to represent you in this regard, then we would certainly advise you considering this approach.

The other two formal approaches to resolving these issues lie in the shape of:

(1)    Bankruptcy


(2)    Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

Both of these options again are very effective and our advice at all times is that, as a borrower, you need to make it your business to educate yourself on all of the options, the pros and cons of each before deciding what is the best way to move forward for you and your family.

What we can do to help? 
Our proven track record here at GDP Equity Experts speaks for itself. We are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and over an 8 year period, we have helped hundreds of families find the most appropriate and workable solution to their debt related issue.

We take pride in our first-class advice and assistance that we offer to our clients. We will work closely with you from the very start of the process as we know what is expected and how to get you to where you want to go. 

It is quite simple; we WANT to hear from you today because we WANT to help you today.

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