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Bankruptcy – Not The Only Option

This article appeared in the Fermanagh Herald on 22nd July 2015.

Debt continues to affect home and business owners across Northern Ireland, particularly in Fermanagh. The Erne County has always sat on the periphery and it is clear that debt is impacting the people of this region more than most.

“The simple fact is borrowers do not appear to have the same access to information as those closer to Belfast. There are 60,000 people who live in Fermanagh and it is very important they have access to all of the information.”

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GDP Partnership Sponsors Fermanagh Business Awards

Last Friday the 2015 Fermanagh Herald Business Awards were launched with leading members of the business community present.

GDP Partnership will again be sponsoring this year’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an award which will go to one of the most entrepreneurial minds in the area, and be in recognition of the progress the winner has achieved in their young career to date. 

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