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Why Choose Us


GDP Equity Experts offers a multi-disciplined approach to debt resolution for families and businesses across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the rest of the UK offering a professional, empathetic and impartial approach, we work with financial institutions on your behalf to deliver life-changing outcomes through:


➤ The skills, attitude and professional etiquette of our staff

➤ An in-depth and unrivalled understanding of the financial world

➤ A genuine desire to improve the lives of those who face financial difficulties






As a client of GDP Equity Experts we will give you are undivided attention and focus and will negotiate with all stakeholders on your behalf. We work with the financial institutions, not for them.




GDP Equity Experts introduced mediation as an alternative approach to resolving debt challenges to the Northern Ireland marketplace in 2011 and since then we have increased our client portfolio and improved our ratio of success every year.




When your well being and your business depends on the getting right result, you need to know that you are working with the very best available. GDP Equity Experts offers a multi-discipled approach to debt resolution and our staff are highly trained professionals, each with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of property debt management.  We also have no conflicts of interest which is of key importance when representing those in financial distress


GDP Equity Experts employ only the best professionals and our team are driven by a passion to fight for every client and every case in the knowledge that your success is our success.




With a proven track record, GDP Equity Experts has increased its ratio of successful out comes each year since our inception in 2011. Ultimately, your success is our success and we strive to deliver positive outcomes for every client.




When faced with any kind of debt challenge, it is important to understand that there are always a number of options open to you with regards to moving forward.  It is our priority to set out all of the options available in a very clear concise manner.  Our multi-disciplined team are highly skilled at negotiations with all financial institutions and are fastidious in our approach and endeavour at all times to find a solution regardless of the challenge.


GDP Equity Experts work extremely fast to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.




We fully understand the complexities of negative equity and the impact of debt on family, friends and professional relationships. We are aware of the unwarranted stigma which can be attached to those facing financial difficulties. Discretion is a cornerstone of everything we do.




As one of the leading debt mediation businesses in the country, we have helped to underwrite millions of pounds on behalf of our clients. This success has been achieved through an unparalleled understanding of all aspects to debt - especially the view from our clients. We understand your pain and the difficulties you are facing in debt and will do everything in our power to deliver a positive outcome.