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Are you a Procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator? If you are, you're not the only one. According to new research, the average worker in the UK spends 11 hours a week putting off things they should be doing. That's 24 days a year spent avoiding important tasks.

Getting distracted is only natural, especially when access to comedy and news websites is only a click away. Those websites may be grateful for your dawdling, but some things are worth taking care of early.

The research, conducted by Beagle Street life insurance, shows that the number one thing people avoid doing is planning for their financial futures. 12% of people delay financial planning, choosing instead to watch TV, eat, browse social media, clean the house, or even have a nap!

I myself am guilty of reading comedy websites and catching up on my favourite shows when I know I should be taking care of more important things, but financial planning is too important to put off forever. Good financial planning can mean the difference between stress and happiness, and the sooner you have a plan in place, the easier it is to prepare for set-backs or tackle any debt problems that have already cropped up.

At GDP, we have seen the difference it makes to make good, viable financial plans, especially in today's economic climate. With people in Belfast being the worst procrastinators in the UK - apparently spending an average 15 hours per week putting thing off - it's important that we all buckle down and sort out our finances.

Whether your finances are good or bad, it's important to plan ahead, but if you are in debt, you really can't kick the can down the road. It could be time to stop dilly-dallying and research your options, seek financial advice, put a plan in place, and take back control of your financial future.

Then you can make a cup of tea, log on to Facebook, and catch up on all your favourite shows guilt - and debt - free.